Marlon Whetton

Marlon started drawing 4 years ago. 2 years later he attended intermediate portrait classes at the Cass art flagship store in Islington, studying under Jeremy Burns - a first class teacher and artist. He taught a great deal during the following 18 months. He is a pastel and charcoal artist and does not paint. "I’m a specialist in female portraits. 90% of all portraits I do are of women. I do draw men as well – but only when I have to. Too often I have seen portraits of women that include sexually exploitative images. My work would never include such images." His main strengths are taking small photos and drawing them 10 times larger. He finds his weakenss is live drawings. "My main goal is to eventually start producing hyper realistic drawings. There is no level higher than this." He will be attending Morley college later this year.