Queens Gallery Visit

SHARP gallery, together with Mosaic clubhouse, had the fantastic opportunity to visit the 

Queens gallery at Buckingham palace.  They not only saw the wonderful exhibition of Canaletto’s 

work but were given a talk on the work and participated in a workshop.


Participants came out smiling and happy with many positive things to say about the experience:


‘What a day!! We've been to the Queen's Gallery at Buckingham Palace!!  I still cannot 

believe we had the privilege to be there, see an exhibition by Canaletto and attend a workshop too!


We had an informative art workshop and visited the Canaletto Exhibition. A great day!


We learnt about this famous artist, Canaletto and his amazing eye for detail and how to apply that"


The exhibition showed the beautiful delicacy of 18th Century Venetian art displaying Canaletto's 

paintings of the city and its landscape, theater and festival. Famous for its canals running through 

the city and the great piazzas, the paintings are delightful and splendid.

We thank the Queens gallery for having us and we look forward to visiting many more galleries in 

the future.