Terra Nuova

Presented with the challenges of Corona and being unable to use the physical gallery space, SHARP gallery  opened our first online exhibition.

We asked artists to respond to the idea of re-invention and to think about what this means in the context of reinventing yourself, your creativity and life.

The Story of Isolation

We asked artists, for their response to isolation. From exploring how communication plays a massive role in confronting our challenges, to muses and thought processes of our place in society as women, the artists move across the spectrum of experience of isolation to produce work which shares concepts, to enrich and support the experiences of others.


SHARP gallery hosts 'DaisyLand'. Artist Corinne, uses self portraiture photography to explore her experience of isolation.

The show hosts works by Corinne, with an audio accompaniment, taking the viewer through the coloured in black and white photographs. The artist uses art as a form of therapy, reflecting the intimate journey through her struggles with mental health.

The Flying Horse

The Flying Horse of Gansu leaps across the sky on the back of a swallow. How poetic, a horse lighter and faster than a bird? This can be interpreted however you would like. Perhaps it makes you think of the speed of Light? Or a flash of time?

Artists considered what the horse represents and where they wanted it to take flight. Whether it be wild beauty, raw power, a whisper, carrying us to freedom, heroes and dreamers.

Living Small, Thinking Big

Living Small, Thinking Big Part 2

The Covid restrictions have narrowed our physical spaces but given us the time to think bigger and prepare for better.  Artists were invited to submit an artwork under the theme of 'Taking Flight' for our 'Living Small, Thinking Big' part 1 and 2 group shows.

The Peer Gaze

As we came to the end of Black History month and gradually transitioned towards face-to-face working again, a SLAM group wanted to highlight and share some of the inspiring art work by clients who attended the art peer support group virtually during lockdown. This vibrant and exciting collection of artworks is a really exciting example of peer work in the trust.