New Roots Project

SHARP gallery have launched a new opportunity for artists who want to broaden their artistic practice.  Artists who wanted to learn something new, about a subject they perhaps didn't know anything about and create artwork inspired by it. The gallery have made a program of events revolving around topics of interest of participants and will then give them the space to exhibit works inspired by the learning.  The idea is to explore topics outside of art. 

So far artists have attended lectures on volcanoes, talks on music at Summerset house and workshops at the Horniman. We look forward to displaying works later on in the year. If this sparks your interest in any way, please get in touch. There are always opportunities to get involved!

The gallery is continuing the 'New Roots' project for World Mental Health Day in October. We will be inviting experts and SHARP gallery artists to teach subjects outside the field of art in a workshop or seminar format. If you are interested in teaching, attending, or have a particular subject you would like to learn about please get in touch!

May 2018