Art in Mind

The Story from begin to….

Earlier this year SLAM had their pilot take over at the Tate exchange, a programme which explores innovative ways in which art can we used.  From interactive and participatory art and workshops, the exchange explores what art can be and where it can take us. 

Working with other organisations in SLAM the SHARP gallery led workshops and talked in the living library as well as having their work projected onto the wall for visitors to admire.

The workshops included card making, watercolour, textiles, multi-sensory drawing and origami.  The atmosphere was a beautiful harmony of excited engagement in the activities and relaxed conversation between the artists and the public.

The living library invited artists to talk about their work in a safe space and take questions from the audience in the style of living room conversation. 

However the story doesn’t end there!  The success of the event brought us to the conclusion that the model should be used to continue the success and bring it to even more audiences.

Art in Mind Continued, took place at the Crystal Palace overground festival.  On a smaller scale we used the same enthusiasm to extend our celebration of art and health.  Much more to come with Art in Mind.

July 2017